only the purest ozone.

The O3Elite Ozone Generator has everything you need for ultra pure ozone production, with a lifetime warranty and the customer support you deserve.

A model for any need

The O3Elite can cover almost any ozone therapy application you can think of.

The O3Elite is the next generation of low wattage, low frequency O3 generators. It won't burn out like dangerous glass cell high voltage units, runs almost whisper quiet and operates cool so heat doesn't destroy the ozone. This allows for stable output and ultra pure ozone generation.

Every component of the unit is manufactured in the USA, including the cells. Because of it's low voltage, it's the safest unit available. Each one is tested individually for output and efficiency, by hand, in our lab, before it ever ships to you.

Cold ozone production

The O3Elite is used with oxygen tanks or oxygen concentrators and features cold ozone production that produces no excess heat and stable concentrations at a variety of flow rates. An instruction manual and easy to read chart is included with every unit to help you choose the exact settings you're looking to achieve.  

The O3Elite Single produces ozone up to 70 ug/ml; the O3Elite Dual up to 110 ug/ml; and the O3Elite Mini up to 65 ug/ml.


Our ozone cells

Our ozone cells are ceramic, custom made in the USA, and washable for more stable ozone and a longer life.

Glass and ceramic are two of the most popular materials for good ozone cells. Glass cells have disadvantages in that they are very temperamental and are subject to burnout over time. For that reason alone many companies are changing to ceramic cells. Ceramic is just as ozone resistant as glass and does not create contaminates. Washable cells are a big plus because, if a cell accidentally gets dirty, wet or oily, washable cells don't need to be replaced, potentially saving a lot of money.   

Gamma (ug/ml) Rates

The O3Elite Dual can produce gamma rates up to 110 ug/ml. This is more than enough for the vast majority of ozone uses. The O3Elite Single produces up to 70 ug/ml, which is plenty for use on the skin and for insufflations. The O3Elite Mini products up to 65 ug/ml and has a single button for simple operation.

O3Elite Single

Thick, powder-coated aluminim body

Cold ozone production

Stainless steel Luer lock fittings

Ceramic cells

Universal voltage

Efficient, almost silent

Cleanable cells

Free check valve

Wall mount holes

Easy to maintain

What's Included

All of this comes standard with the unit:  five feet of oxygen tubing with Luer lock adapter (seven feet with the Dual), five feet of silicone tubing with Luer lock adapter (seven feet with the Dual), two PVDF Luer fit adapters, two silicone adapters, instruction manual, gamma chart, check valve, power adapter, wall mounts, Luer lock caps and a lifetime warranty.  A vast array of accessories is available to increase your options.


Input: 50/60 Hz, 100-240 volts, 1.5 amps 

VDC universal power 

12 VDC voltage 

Requires oxygen feed 

Dual O3 Output: 110 ug/ml 

Single O3 Output: 70 ug/ml 

Mini O3 Output: 65 ug/ml 

5/16" outer tube size, 3/15" inner tube size 

10" x 7.5" x 3" 

All components are ozone resistant

The accessories you need

From tubing to glassware and Y connectors to syringe filling systems, you can do almost anything with ozone.

We carry a full line of ozone accessories including tubing, connectors, limb bags, full body ozone bags, ozone saunas, glassware and more. Whatever you want to do with ozone, we can help.

We are always looking to improve our selection even further, so keep checking back!

How to buy an O3Elite

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Single button operation

  • Up to 65 ug/ml (gamma)
  • Single cell
  • Simplistic design



Ideal for insufflations

  • Up to 70 ug/ml (gamma)
  • Single cell, one dial



Covers all applications

  • Up to 110 ug/ml (gamma)
  • Two cells, two dials
  • Ozonates faster

Single pro


includes oxygen

  • Up to 70 ug/ml (gamma)
  • Single cell, one dial
  • Crush-resistant case
  • Choice of O2 tank/regulator

dual pro


includes oxygen

  • Up to 110 ug/ml
  • Two cells, two dials
  • Crush-resistant case
  • Choice of O2 tank/regulator



insufflations & water

  • O3Elite Mini
  • 200ml Ozone Syringe
  • 10 Luer Lock Catheters
  • Basic Ozone Humidifier

basic package


more control than essentials

  • O3Elite Single
  • Water Bubbler/Humidifier
  • Earscope and Catheters
  • Plus More...



variety of applications

  • O3Elite Dual
  • Basic Package Accessories
  • Oil Bubbler, Cup, Bag
  • Plus More...

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